• Chris,
    The link provided reads as follows… “We at Sacred Source are thrilled to be working with acclaimed artist Chris Orapello to offer a cold cast bronze version of his widely admired Witch Lord statue. ”
    Note the “cold cast bronze version” cited which is not what you wrote up as being forthcoming. Probably a correction is in order?

    September 08, 2015
    • We already discussed this online somewhere else, but for the sake of anyone who visits this entry, cold cast bronze is resin that has been infused with bronze powder to create a metallic quality in a casting. It is a more formal and specific name for what the item is rather than calling it resin. I refer to the one offered by Sacred Source as resin to keep the confusion to a minimal between resin and actual cast bronze which I do in fact offer. 😉

      September 11, 2015

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