Online Tarot Readings

Have a personal online Tarot reading done by Chris!

You can purchase your very own reading* on this website via PayPal by selecting the type of reading below, clicking the “Buy Now” button, and then following the instructions on the PayPal website by choosing your method of payment to complete your order.  The future is always uncertain.  A reading can help bring clarity by offering an alternative perspective.

I do daily readings to:

  • Gain insight and clarity.
  • Realize an option I may not have considered before.
  • As a means of contemplation and meditation.
  • As a personal pick me up.
  • As a reflection upon life.

Available online readings include:

  • 3 card reading for $15.95
  • 5 card reading for $19.95
  • 10 card reading for $25.95

When you order, be sure to include your question, your full name, and a working email address in the PayPal payment info or simply message Chris directly through this website. If he hasn’t heard from you directly he will be in contact within 24 hours so that he can complete your reading.

What will you receive? Once your reading is complete, you will receive an interpretation of your reading via email along with an image of the card layout itself giving you a full understanding or your unique personal reading.

Would you like me to use a specific tarot deck? If so, let me know. I regularly use the Crowley Thoth deck (depicted) for readings, but if you like, feel free to select a preferred deck from this list:

  • Fantastical Tarot
  • Thoth Tarot (Crowley/Harris)
  • H. R. Giger Tarot (major arcana only)
  • Golden Dawn Magical Tarot (Cicero)
  • The Gothic Tarot (major arcana only)
  • The Hermetic Tarot
  • Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot
  • Osho Zen Tarot
  • Rider Waite Tarot
  • ShadowFox Tarot
  • The Tarot of Ceremonial Magick (DuQuette)
  • Tarot of the Witches (Hall)
  • The Wildwood Tarot
  • The Wonderland Tarot Deck

I hope to be hearing from you soon and I look forward to doing an online reading for you!

Blessed Be and 93!

Select from a reading below and then click “Buy Now”

*Clients must be 21 or older. NO REFUNDS.
*Prices are for online readings only.

In other words, a tarot consultation is not a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counseling. The client possesses the powers of choice and free will, therefore the responsibility for use and interpretation of any and all information provided within a consultation lies with the client.

Please contact Chris for further information.


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