Paranormal Phenomena Consultation & Assistance

For nearly ten years Chris Orapello has been helping people in the local New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania area to find answers and resolutions to mysterious phenomena.  He believes in taking a logical approach to every situation and in accordance with his personal policy, he will address any potential everyday causes before considering the paranormal.  He has helped with haunting cases as well as a case of believed repeated alien abductions.

What will you get if you contact Chris?

  • Free consultation and assistance.
  • One on one, exclusive private confidential help.
  • An open mind and an honest ear.
  • No teams or groups of people entering your home.

Help will mainly come via email, phone, or Skype unless the situation calls for more. No matter where you are. If by chance you live too far away, a good, safe, and reliable referral can be made to you.

Chris is happy to offer his experience and insight to those individuals who want answers and help.

For any questions or help regarding mysterious or blatant paranormal phenomena please contact Chris Orapello.  He’ll be sure to hear your situation and offer spot-on, to the point, assistance so that you can better understand and even come to resolve the situation.

Please use the contact form found on this website. Must be 21 or older to receive assistance.