• Thank you for doing this! Your thoughts on the song “Stolen Season” echo my own very much indeed…After hearing you and S.J. talk about it, and then having it play on your podcast, I was certainly in the weepy mode for a while after…which is not necessarily a *bad thing*, but in any case…!?!

    Also, thank you for the cover to Etched Offerings! I knew I had heard your name somewhere before, and that seems to be the most likely candidate! I don’t know if you read my little contribution therein, but I was really pleased to be included in that volume. 😉

    June 06, 2015
    • Glad you enjoyed the episode.

      No. I never got the chance to read it as it quickly became a prize for some lucky listener. However, I do remember your name. After all, how could I not? 😉

      Hope you are still writing. Peace.

      June 07, 2015

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