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  • Truly I am not worthy to actually mention this considering the current company, but is this not another case of the cauldron calling the kettle black? Christians say you can’t be Pagan while Pagans say you can’t be Christian? Yet each is invested in surviving the other – one way or another… and then there are the Muslims to consider.

    Such division is credited by some schools of thought to the fall of the tower of Babel – through Divine intervention no less. Thereafter, the doctrines of organized religion have forever been the bootstrap of the Devil – pretty much regardless of whose doctrine it is. Ultimately, self-serving doctrines (by definition) always say we must now engage ourselves in the building of walls between each other instead of shamefully building any tower which actually attempts to reach Heaven.

    Perhaps there is some small scale of difference available between “worship” in the various strictly defined exclusive extremes and another position which is somewhat less stringent and provides for the actual recognition and acknowledgement of the historical and continuing evolution of mankind’s spiritual perceptions as found for this particular planet? Unfortunately such deviants and “unbelievers” represent an untenable threat to some religious leaders who each have their own particular version of deity to serve, unto pain of death (an oxymoron) in some cases.

    I’m currently reading a very interesting book.

    As a Baptist am I allowed to give a respectful nod to the Druids this book describes without getting my head chopped off? Perhaps I’ll survive this week regardless, and besides, I haven’t finished the book yet.

    July 14, 2014

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